LLM International Business Law Scholarship – University of Tilburg

Fuente: Universia

The Master’s programme of International Business Law aims to provide students with a better knowledge and understanding of key subjects such as business law, commercial law, competition law and economic regulation. The emphasis lies on an integrated knowledge of the various fields of law and levels of jurisdiction, together with neighbouring academic disciplines, especially economics. Furthermore, it provides students with the opportunity to sharpen their skills in research, argumentation, communication, analysis, and teamwork. It also marks a step ahead from their first degree towards the real world, where they are expected to be aware of the broader social and economic context, to take a critical distance from the law, and to assume responsibility.
The programme offers students courses and seminars that employ innovative teaching methods, such as detailed case studies, simulated negotiations, meetings, and drafting exercises, and team-building activities that integrate the demands of the business environment with legal practice and regulation.


1. Características

Nº Vacantes: 10

Tipo: Becas para graduados / Préstamos y ayudas económicas

Lugar de disfrute: Europa / Unión Europea  –  PAÍSES BAJOS

Características: Cost: ¬ 13,500.00 (USD)

Scholarship: 30% of tuition

* Major Medical Insurance nonpharmaceutical

* Support MXP $ 10,000 (or its equivalent) in respect of airfare.

Total price: ¬ 9,450.00 (USD)


2. Requisitos

Fuente y Fecha de convocatoria: Fundación Beca  – 31/01/2014

  • Latinamerican citizen.
  • Between 21 and 35 years old.
  • Bachelor´s degree certificate.
  • An overall average of 8.0 or better in bachelor degree.
  • University acceptance (it can be a conditional, preaccepted or definitive accepted letter).
  • Email address.


3. Solicitud

Plazo: May 31, 2014


Each application is assessed individually by the programme coordinator and the admission committee of the Faculty.

In assessing the applications, the following considerations are decisive:

Candidates must have a university-level degree in law.

Candidates must have a strong academic record as evidenced, among other things, by their academic results.

Candidates are strongly advised to provide evidence of their standing within their class: top 20%, next 20%, average, etc.

Candidates must evidence a good command of English (with TOEFL or IELTS results or equivalent). TOEFL or IELTS minimum scores: Notes for applicants – English language skills. (TOEFL is 90 IBT and IELTS 6.5).



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